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Sample image If you've shown up here, you must have a reason. I am a writer and an author. What's the difference? A writer writes. Authors run a business. My blog is erratically updating and can be about anything from writing to living to parenting to whatever I happen to be thinking about at the moment. One of my favorite things to do is go on book tours and get to meet and talk to people everywhere. If you'd like to come and have me speak, you can check out my book tour page for information on scheduling me, pictures, videos, and testimonials.

Big thanks to the students of Expedition Academy and Lincoln Middle School in Green River, WY, and Wilson Elementary, Payson Jr. High, and Mt. Nebo Jr. High in Payson, UT, and Pleasant Grove Jr. High in Pleasant Grove, UT, for being such great hosts during my last tour! You guys were awesome, and I want you to know that I meant what I said- you have the power to chose how you respond to any situation, your names are not out of place on a list of the powerful and famous, and you are not alone. Alone is the lie- don't believe it. Thanks again!

This is about my journey from being the person I've always been to the one I've always wanted to be. We read to know we're not alone, and those who write are the ones screaming "You are not alone!" into the darkness and praying someone hears us. I need to be heard, and I want to help others be heard. Here I am, screaming in the dark, praying that you hear me. Because the darkest lie we're ever told is that we are alone.

The Sound at the Edge is published, live, available!!

The Sound at the Edge

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