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Current Projects

Sample image THE SHAEREALM SERIES. Book One, THE DARKEST LIE. 15 year old Thane feels like he doesn't belong in his own life. He isn't good at anything, really, and sometimes all he wants to do is disappear. Then he meets Remi, an energetic girl who decides to be his friend and bring him out of the shadows of his own life. Being her friend means being noticed, and suddenly everyone is paying attention. His chemistry teacher might be trying to kill him and a secret organization is trying to recruit him. Thane discovers nothing about him is as ordinary as he thought, including his ability to hear the music of the universe and manipulate the strings that hold it all together. But it all comes with a price. When Remi's life and the world of the Shae are threatened, Thane has to decide whether he has the power to withstand the leviathan inside and if his song is enough to save them all. The only burden he carries is the fate of all worlds.

Read the prologue here and the first chapter here !!

Sample image THE SOUND AT THE EDGE, Book two in The Shaerealm series. Outline is complete and rough draft through chapter seven is written.

Sample image THE SCALES TRIOLOGY. Book One, FEATHERWEIGHT. Feather has a job to do, and it doesn't involve being taken by the enforcers. She walks a thin line between what is legal and what is right trying to care for herself and her older brother, Geran. And the government has eyes everywhere, even in your own eyenet. But the balance of power is shifting between government factions and civil war is on the horizon. When the youth of the country rise up against their leaders, Geran is dragged along with them. He's goign to get killed. Feather has to do whatever it takes to save her brother and not get involved herself, even if it means crossing out of the safe zones. Or giving up her tech. The biggest obstacle is her own narcolepsy, triggered by stress. When you can't tell if what's happening is a dream, and you can't trust your own mind, how do you find your way out?

Current status is working on the outline and rough draft. Read the first chapter here.